Boat Waxing in Fort Lauderdale, North Palm Beach, North Miami Beach, and Surrounding Areas

Just like when you paint your car it looks new, the same applies to your boat. Apart from giving your boat a new look, boat waxing also has other advantages. Garcia Boat Detailing understands that summer-time is the prime boating season which means the boat will undergo a lot of wear and tear. Hence, we have come up with a gel coat that will protect the hull of your boat from salt sprays, UV rays, dock surroundings, and many other marine conditions.  Our highly efficient and well-trained crew uses top-notch equipment like a powerful interior vacuum to remove any dirt and give it a fresh appearance. With Garcia Boat Detailing, you will get the professional waxing service that your boat deserves. Since this wax coat is not indestructible and it tends to wear off with time, it is often recommended that you arrange for a regular waxing schedule to protect your boat in the long run.

Boat Waxing in Fort Lauderdale, North Palm Beach, North Miami BeachBelow we have mentioned the top 3 hidden benefits of waxing your boat regularly. Take a look.

  • It eliminates debris

Over time with frequent usage, sand and other marine debris tend to accumulate in your boat and end up damaging the hull, deck, seats, and even the mechanical components. Scheduling a waxing appointment will help you get rid of all those dirt.

  • Minimizes drag

For people who want their boat to go a little faster, waxing your hull helps in that. The wax creates a smooth surface on the exterior of your boast resulting in an immediate improvement in the gliding of your boat.

  • Protects your graphics

As most of the boats have graphics printed on them, it is necessary to protect them from the harsh rays of the sun. Graphic Wax is specifically designed to retain those graphics for as long as possible.

So, if you live in the regions of Fort Lauderdale, North Palm Beach, North Miami Beach, Pompano Beach, Key Biscayne, Bal Harbor, and want a boat waxing service, you can contact us.