Boat Bottom Work, and Bottom Painting Boat Painter Serving Hollywood, Pompano Beach, Hallandale, Fort Lauderdale, North Miami Beach, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Bottom painting in North Miami BeachOur boat bottom repairs go beyond boat bottom painting.

The bottom of your boat is subject to a number of different environmental hazards – warm saltwater, marine life, sea grass and unfortunately, possibly runs aground. If any part of your boats needs regular maintenance and attention, it’s the bottom.

Boat Bottom Painting

We offer a number of different boat painting services with your choice of coating or paint. The schedule of painting will depend on the type of material you choose and use. We can work in your marina, our home marina, Playboy Marina in Dania Beach or with our pick-up and delivery service. Go to our Boat Painting page to learn more about the different boat bottom paint services we offer including varnishing for wood boats.

Boat running gear cleaning and repairRUNNING GEAR REPAIR

There are two essential parts of running gear repair – removing any debris and then reseal for another season. Cleaning the gear and propeller can be done in or out of the water. Any marine growth, including barnacles, need to be removed to stop further damage and maintain or increase performance of your boat.

Resealing will have to be done once out of water. We can come to your location or take your boat to our home marina, Playboy Marina in Dania Beach. First, we will gently sand off any deposits or other contaminants. After that, we’ll completely prime the running gear, including the propeller. Finally, we’ll paint all the gear and propeller with your choice of coating. This will protect the gear until your next service is due.



Diving Cleaning Service

Sometimes it’s not possible, or necessary, to remove your boat for a cleaning. However, some hulls will require cleanings monthly or more. With our diving services, we can provide pictures of before and after to give you an accurate assessment of your hull. After seeing the pictures, we can discuss the proper schedule for maintenance and cleaning. With proper diving cleaning service, you might be able to mitigate other costly services.

Monthly sailboat cleaning – Algae, marine growth cleaning. Running gear cleaning and hull cleaning.  Due to typical slower speeds, algae is not removed naturally through movement. Therefore, monthly diving cleaning service is essential to prevent harmful buildup.

Monthly powerboat cleaning – Running gear, inspection of zincs and more. Cleaning of waterline and other hull area as needed. Removal of any early barnacle growth. Cleaning of through-hulls and AC intakes.

The diving cleaning service for your boat will depend on use, storage, current hull paint status and more.  Because of the warm South Florida waters, you might need more cleaning than other areas or at other times of the year. Once we have done an initial cleaning and inspection, we can discuss the best schedule for you.

Zinc Anodes Replacements

Garcia Boat Detailing can attach or replace your zinc anodes during underwater cleanings. Zinc anodes, also called sacrificial anodes, take the brute of the electrical current created by metals in contact with each other in saltwater. Anodes will need to be replaced on a regular basis to ensure their proper performance.